Oh how I dream about you! It’s not very often but when I do my heart beats faster and I salivate and grow eager. Anyway when’s the last time we got together, like two months ago? I’m thinkin that today would be a terrific day to wholeheartedly embrace and enjoy and devour you.

You’re so sweet and succulent and dripping with flavor. I’ve heard complaints that your rolls are plain and lack in imagination. But that’s because baby it’s you that’s the star! And I’ve heard murmurings around town too that you’re too bold and too spicy.

Ain’t that the truth!

It may only be six in the morning but before the day is out I plan on paying you a visit. You’re the best around and don’t let anybody tell you different. But you better watch out see cause I mean business!

You make life worth living.


13 thoughts on “BBQ JOINT

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  2. Josh here from the BlinkPacking blog. Oh how I love barbecue — I would love to try every stand in America if I had time. I wish you all the best with your blogging. Cheers!

    • So you know exactly how I feel then. 🙂 We’ve got lots of great sweet BBQ in this part of Virginia I can’t help but indulge regularly (well not regularly enough!) Thanks for reading.

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