let’s be the same
and agree
about everything
if we don’t
something’s wrong
and we’ll just have to fix it

you know, talk

well me talk
and sell you
cause you’ll come around
on over to my side
over here
and that’s good
you’ll fit in
and agree
and see my way is right

cause it is

that’s all i need
is for you to be like me
otherwise you’ve no use
and i’ll lose interest fast

it’s homogeny that’s safe
and it’s easy
i prefer it
it’s comfortable
and natural
it’s the way
hear me talk

cause you say that you’re open
and appreciate what’s different
your lips say you’re tolerant
but like seeks out like
for if we’re divided
on any little thing
be sure that i’ll fix that

you know,
with more talking

well me talking
and you listening
so do like i do
and like we do
and how they do
and look like me
think like me
feel like me
just like me
if not
you will scare me
then i’ve not a leg
to stand on

it’ll only make me squeamish

validate me
hear me out
pay me mind
that i’m right
cause i want it
so don’t tax me
gotta have it
more homogeny
i need it
keep it simple

and stop being difficult.


13 thoughts on “HOMOGENY

  1. This dovetails nicely with my political post today. Being non-homogenous is difficult and hard work. I really like this and had my daughter read it this morning as well, since we’ve been talking poetry in our household lately. Thanks!

    • We don’t disagree very well any more unfortunately, but i’m of the opinion that’s always been one of our strengths. So I guess we’ll just see how it goes haha Thanks for reading!

  2. “Like seeks out like.”
    very true….and homogeny is what we seek out, almost everytime. But I never forget the realization that opposite attracts and therefore, being exactly identical in thinking, beliefs, style, etc. won’t do any good. Variations are something that makes this world more interesting and NEW everyday.

    Nice work, liked it πŸ™‚

  3. Well, just to take off on the tone of this piece, I have to say that I disagree with everything you are saying and indeed all people should be the same, look the same, talk the same, and that’s how we will all be one big happy puddle of oozing sameness – that’s exactly what the creator intended and who are you with your poetry to say otherwise, kiss my hairy ass Pete, kiss the creator’s ass too. Pucker up.

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