Have you finally reached the tipping point?
Have things come to a head?
I can only commend you
I would never have lasted so long

Under the circumstances I mean

Has it all run its course?
How long can it go on?
With all your fighting and fussing
And pushing this hard?
There has to be some kind of outcome

Soon enough anyway

It all has to change
A wrap-up
A finish
The final culmination

Or have you just gotten used to it?

You have nothing but courage
And resilience it’s true
It all sounds too grave
For any soul to bear
I’m sorry it’s treacherous
The road you’ve been on
Is this the finale?
Are you singing that swan song?
I pray that you’ve finally reached
Your peak.


12 thoughts on “PEAK

      • That’s a trick and a talent. I always feel that you’re actually writing about someone, which I think is the talent part of that. Great stuff, as always.

      • I consider myself a fiction writer. Pretty much everything I write comes from my imagination, with of course truth written in, the truth being we’ve all had times and experiences in our lives that have felt like “too much to take” .Being we’re still here it’s obvious they reach a peak and tipping point. πŸ™‚ IMHO anyway haha

  1. I found Trent’s comments interesting. I also think you do a great job of making your work seek really directed at a specific someone or set of someones. I think that’s why some of your poems seem like a gift from the universe meant just for me, and other times, I have to admit, they seem like a gift from the universe meant for someone else. πŸ˜›

    • Thanks! And I know what you mean by “meant for someone else” for sure Leta haha πŸ™‚ I appreciate your kind words and for always sticking with me. πŸ™‚

  2. loved the interrupting sentence “Under the circumstances I mean”; brilliant note left to those who may caught you on the expression:)

    Peace & Light

  3. Hope you have enjoyed your ‘time away’/reunion time. I admire you for not neglecting your writing while you’ve been away from home, &, like the ‘new style’ (?) of this poem – the ‘single comment sentence’ between paragraphs. (I also appreciate the responses from your Writing Community).


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