He’s Even Steven
Tit for tat
He’s compensation
This for that
He’ll do for you
But there’s a price
The cost is more
Than being nice

He’s like for like
And quid pro quo
There is a trade off
So you know
He keeps a scorecard
What you do
So don’t assume
He’s ever true

Cause Steven calculates your worth
Your value to him
He’ll unearth
Won’t lift a finger
Not until
You give him more
And pay your bill

You got an itch?
Then scratch his back
He may scratch yours
Unless you lack
And he wants more
To fill his need
Your contribution
Can’t exceed

His need to further
Just himself
He’ll snub you good
If you can’t help
And grow his place
These are the facts
This is the case

For him it’s all
A cunning game
He’s Even Steven
That’s his name.

Copyright: University of Texas Press and the Trustees of the British Museum 1992


12 thoughts on “EVEN STEVEN

  1. I don’t like this guy very much. Of course he represents 75% of the people I am aware of. I just made that figure up, but you know what I mean, right?

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