Please soften and chasten and tame me dear Lord
I’m proud, puffed up and pompous and vain
Please humble and shame me and tame me dear Lord
Show me what’s right and help me abstain
From all my ego from this whole big trip
I think that I’m on please subdue me now
Instill in me all that you think I should know
Moving forward from now till the day that I go.


7 thoughts on “THIS BIG TRIP

  1. I never gave my ego a thought until I came into recovery from alcoholism and realised what a huge part it played in my life, and still does, but I am practising 🙂

    This is lovely and the picture is mesmerising.


  2. I think about our egos all the time haha and try to keep mine tapped down. Actually, without being TOO prideful, it’s one of my best qualities. 🙂 We all need to be more humble. Thanks for reading I like the picture too. We’re on a road baby! (train track to heaven) 🙂

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