“That shit ain’t gonna burn. You can’t use that kind of wood in the fireplace, it’s too sappy, don’t ya know that?”

I was sitting on the hearth feeding the fire, while he stood behind me, speaking over my shoulder. “Actually that’s a fallacy,” I said.

“A falla who?”

“It’s often said that pine and sappy trees can start a chimney fire that’s true. But it’s a fallacy, an old wives tale. This wood is perfectly fine for this fireplace. Next you’re going to say is that the chimney will be full of creosote.”

“I wouldn’t say nothin of the sort. Crea what? And whose old wife?  I can’t understand you. Why do you talk like that? Speak English!” He was genuinely frustrated.

“I’m speaking with the utmost clarity. What are you not digesting?” I kept feeding the fire which had built to a roar. “What are you not comprehending?” I was too was getting frustrated and stood up and backed away from the heat, my face in a sweat.

“You can’t put that kind of wood in the fireplace,” he insisted, pointing at my blazing creation. “And you talk like you’re from another planet.”

by Steve W. Burke
More of this comic strip and other strips by Steve at: http://popstrip.com/fallacy-of-assertion


10 thoughts on “FALLACY

  1. This reminds me a little of James Herriott’s veterinarian interactions with the old Yorkshire farmers in “All Creatures Great and Small”. Enjoyable read, although I’ll be mulling over the cartoon caption for the rest of the day. Thanks!

    • I know the cartoon is much bigger than it appears. 🙂 I love the visual, check out the guy’s art it’s thought-provoking no doubt.

      Thanks Green glad you enjoyed and makes me happy to know you’ll be mulling.

  2. He was right anyway, you did talk like you’re from another planet. Just because you know everything about phallus and minnesota doesn’t mean you have to show it off all the time.

    Just stick to feeding the fire, dude, it’s enough.

    On a serious note; I enjoyed reading it!

  3. Haha, we actually study exchanges of this kind in my linguistics course.. The less “prestigious” character here is suffering.. Makes one think though, once you look past the humor of it (or at least I found it a little humorous)

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