isn’t it absurd?
it’s god’s cruel joke i’m saying
that it’s gotta be

preposterous too
i mean in how we’re living
see the evidence?

hopefully you don’t
what you don’t know won’t hurt you
ignorance is bliss

happier clueless
is so popular right now
folly to be wise

is what i’m learning
insert head in sand awhile
put blinders on please

it’s non-sensical!
hare-brained Β and tenderfooted
neophytes galore

isn’t it non-sensical?

collective interest
isn’t a priority
nor sought after much

nor simple knowledge
about the state of things and
direction to go

isn’t that the case?

many have said sheep
it’s more like ostriches not
coming up for air

ludicrious ridiculous
so much fictitious

bombastic just a
chunky funky monkey of
a crying shame here!

don’t get me started

over my lifetime
will i see a time when we
come out of hiding

embrace our future
in all of its sloppy glory
all for its own sake?

Artist: ImageZoo


10 thoughts on “ITS OWN SAKE

  1. Nicely done Pete, well said, and I’m with you in hoping that we collectively remove the blinders but man, it’s so easy to remain oblivious. And the worst part is, it seems the more oblivious you remain, the better you do – it’s like a currency that’s traded everywhere. Ludicrous, ridiculous, fictitious – and malicious.

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