There is no need
To talk so long
Get to the point
And don’t prolong
Whatever plan
That you may have
We want to hear
You think you can
Just shorten up
The things you say?
Too many words
No time today

My urge to kill
Myself right now
Get to the point
Of when and how
And why and what
Try not to pause
When you digress
You give me cause
To get impatient
Break some laws
Hey everybody
Needs a cause

The Point Mr. Obama?

The altitude
Gore made the case
Maher said you’re stoned
This ain’t the place
It’s that expression
On your face
You’re somewhere else
Not in this race
With Jim and Mitt
And us out here
I need a pill
You’re so unclear

More aimless endless
Your rambling answers
Give bad vibes
You really need
To be succinct
Our own Chris Matthews
Says you stink
So wrap it up
Don’t use a comma
Get to the point
Mr. Obama


8 thoughts on “THE POINT MR. OBAMA

  1. That is just fantastic, Pete, and I hope he hears your words and does something about them. The rest of them too. In this day and age, seems like we’re getting people paid to say nothing in case they get held to it.

    • Yeh it’s quite the cluster fuck. I watch it like you watched that train wreck of a movie: with complete and utter fascination and entertainment for just how bad it is. We’re a B MOVIE DUDE!

      • Yeah what a mess. Sounds like things just coming apart. Forgot to ask, are you from the States?

      • What states? 🙂 Yes, I’m from Virginia, read my About Me hahahhh j/k bud, yeh I’m from down here. Hope all is well up there with you and the fam.

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