the rollercoaster ride of life
one day it’s smooth the next day strife
go up a hill the view delights
then down real quick from such great heights

the unexpected rears its head
some twist or turn or flip instead
of straight ahead the track so clear
you never know cause you don’t steer

remember when you puked yourself?
that other time you peed yourself?

why can’t things be predictable?
i’d do with less despicable
this rollercoaster ride won’t stop
until you’re dead and then you drop


10 thoughts on “ROLLERCOASTER

  1. I think you left out a line about throwing up and peeing yourself, which is what I generally associate with roller coaster rides (and life). Maybe it’s just me.

  2. Shit – was trying to be original! When I typed LOVE I did it up and down and it looked good! I was very pleased with my originality lol. Then it came up all wrong!!! πŸ™‚ Oh well, as “they” say.

  3. Is this kinda a “When you’re up, you’re up, &, when you’re down, you’re down…?” (Or, at all like I described myself in my last writing, a “‘Mood’ Swinger”?! 


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