if i was more important
in the scheme of things here
in our little world
the one that we share
would you have that expression
that’s hollow and distant
or would it be one of interest
and joy?

if i was your boss or on your board of directors
would you let me just stand here
in your door jamb
of whether i’m welcome
or if now’s a bad time?
if it is you can say so
i’ve strong shoulders
i don’t bite

fake, feigned and phony can work if need be
it’s true we all do it
well sometimes we do
no need to be genuine
if it’s not genuine, right?
my expectations are low
that’s unfortunate though

we speak of the least of us
with conviction and passion
we want to make changes
our intentions are good
but i see there’s no “sit down”
or “how are you” here
is it smug disregard?
are you socially awkward?
do i smell fear?

i can’t tell

i’ll stand in your door jamb and smile for awhile
while you sit there sweating
impatient and pained
you’ve lots more important
i’m sure and besides
i’ve no skin in your game
as you’ve no skin in mine.


5 thoughts on “DOOR JAMB

    • No actually, I believe in a certain sense of decorum and respect in public that’s all- no matter who you are! 🙂 I don’t want to engage someone who has no interest in engaging me and am aware people are often consumed by themselves, so have learned not to take it personally. But there’s no need to humor people or leave them hanging! I’m not a mind reader. hahh If I’m busy I tell people although generally I’m never too busy for anyone. (maybe I ought to be eh?) Thanks for reading!

  1. I’m interested Pete, how important is layout to you for this poem? It looks to me sort of like waves, you know the ebb of flow of emotion that’s linked to a relationship…
    Nice work. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I’m Very ‘socially awkward’ – Thanx for caring, tho.


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