The rain it will stop
This I swear
The clouds will retreat
I’ve no doubt
The darkness will lift
You can trust me

The sun will return
You will lift up your face
Feel the warmth and the light
It will soothe all your pain
This I swear

On the days that are dark
You’ll get through
On the nights you feel low
Please hold on
Though I know that these words
May sound empty

Your life it will change
And you’ll walk out that door
Feel the hope and the promise
I can give you my word
It will only get easier
I can pledge this to you
You will see things are different
You will suffer no more
This I swear.


15 thoughts on “THIS I SWEAR

  1. Lovely words, Pete. Full of hope and promise. Just the kind of words I would have needed in my darker days and here I am feeling so much happier so it’s true. 🙂

  2. Nice poetry. I’m interested to know why you chose to avoid the “I swear” repetition in the third stanza… However, I really like it because it sort of suggests a new direction/new hope. Great work. 🙂

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