As long as I live and until the day that I die, there’ll always be little things that confound me. I mean downright astonish me! Well, astonish is too strong of a word, it’s just a case of wondering the whys of it. Like why do I wear a t-shirt for two hours and then take it off and throw it in the dirty laundry pile? You ever do that? I did my laundry the other day and at least half of the stuff hardly got any use. So why wash it anyway?

Oh, because I’ve now let it languish in the bottom of the hamper for three days.

Yup, there’s a reason.

Or why when I smile at a stranger on the street or the grocery store, they sometimes don’t smile back. Or acknowledge that I’m there. Now I have no problem with the not acknowledging part as I have no vested interest in this person, so I don’t take it personally. But I’ve passed many a person, caught up in their own minds, with their eyes far away and their body language screaming ‘invisible’ and ‘leave me alone’. Haven’t you? Yup, I wonder about that.

What’s going on with them?

Or how in your mind you may know everything you ought to be doing that’s right and good for your life and could recite it all impromptu at the drop of a hat, but for some reason you never seem to get around to doing most of it. What of that gap between heart and mind? I have no earthly idea really, but I wonder. Don’t you?

Well of all people I’d think you would.

And God, shit, Miitt Romney. How tedious is it that we have to endure such a fabricated and disingenuous person in this day and age? You know it’s true, everybody does! Don’t you think we should’ve known better? He’s such a deep well that one, I mean for being so transparent.

And paper-thin.


4 thoughts on “PAPER-THIN

  1. What I’ll never know is how people can claim to know someone they’ve never met. The media/PR people conjure a persona that they want us to see of just about every character in the limelight, politicians and actors alike. Even “reality TV” is contrived. It’s a shame when we claim to call people things/names from a portrayal of them that the media has given us. I hope I never get so famous that the media shares a lie of a persona about me. Sigh.

  2. Enjoyed the conversational tone of this. Nice use of humor even though addressing some serious issues like not examining the reasons we do the things we do or don’t do, politics, disconnect from others, life choices, forgiveness…

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