It’s the time of year
When it’s time to get toasty
With winter looming ahead
Where you build a nice fire and pull on the blankie
Trade your shorts for a sweater instead

The short summer nights
And the long summer days
Are gone but I hope you’re not blue
I’ll heat up the cider while you settle in
Then I’ll feed the fire for you

I’ll feed the fire
Tell me how was your day?
Did you say that you’ve been feeling glum?
Well there’s no reason not
To unwind and kick back
While I feed the fire for you

We’ve got enough wood for a while

And that glow on your face makes me smile

Did you say you have worry?
Be good to yourself
A fire will warm through and through

Cause the days they are coming
When it’s cold and just gray
And it’s nice just to not leave the house
I can make us some gumbo
Make it hot, here’s a pillow
And I’ll feed the fire for you

Let your cheeks get all rosy
And you get nice and cozy
And I’ll feed the fire for you.


10 thoughts on “FEED THE FIRE

  1. Pete, man, I well wanna come round to yours! 🙂

    My desk is now positioned in front of the window of my childhood bedroom. I’m looking out at what appears to be a rather blustery day and I’m thinking that, unfortunately, I’m going to have to go out in it soon! 🙂 Also, have never tried hot cider – that’s something that tends to be supped ice cold over here. I should give it a go. 🙂

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