I can’t find my Hate Free Zone t-shirt
I’ve had it for years
It’s gotten so faded
It’s black and it’s orange and yellow and blue
The letters I mean
Some green in there too
The words they say big, bright and bold

Hate Free Zone

Strangers do comment
When we ย pass on the street
Your shirt “it’s so groovy and neato and cool”
It gives them a smile which is nice I do think
Cause it makes me smile too
And they’re right it is cool
If you know me you’ve seen
Me in it before

Hate Free Zone

I’ve looked everywhere, oh did I even say?
It’s from the Holocaust museum
From a trip some time back
The gift shop is almost better I think
Than the museum in some way
Hope you visit someday
Right now I just gotta find that shirt

Hate Free Zone

Hey the hamper’s a place that I didn’t check
Gotta leave here real soon
I’ve got people to see
And places to go today out in the world
Where there is lots of hate
Many worries abate
I’m untouchable when I wear that shirt

Hate Free Zone

Get out there, get going and doing my thing
My Hate Free Zone t-shirt, I feel like a king
If I’m wearing my shirt, you will know that I’m saying
It’s the Hate Free Zone baby, yeh that’s where I’m staying
I can’t find it and I’m feeling like dirt

Hate Free Zone

Image by AE Originals, Syracuse, NY: http://www.aeoriginals.com/pages/posters.html


7 thoughts on “HATE FREE ZONE

  1. That’s a great t shirt and a great poem to go with it!

    It’s been a thing with me for as long as I can remember – I have always picked my children up if they ever used the word “hate”. Even for seemingly insignificant comments like “I hate Mondays” etc. Just something about thay word that just won’t do… ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  2. Love it, Pete! What a great piece of writing and love the pic and the tshirt too! Funnily enough I too have lost a t-shirt… retro, almost as old as me… wish I could find it. It would only give me joy, not the same kind of cool, happy message that yours gives. ๐Ÿ™‚

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