I can do vinegary
Very well yes indeed
And cynicism and bitterness and
Melancholy too
It depends on the day

I can do sentimentality
And nostalgia no doubt
For those days gone by
For the past and its glory
For those people and places

Very well yes indeed

I’m glad about that sure
Well I’m glad about lots
Besides it’s a fact that
Things look better in hindsight
Don’t they?

I can do longing
Quite well actually
And desire and yearning and
Hankering too
It depends where I’m at

At the moment

I can do satisfaction
And contentment
Flirt easily with happiness
At the drop of a hat
Without too much effort

I’m glad about it true
That a lot keeps me cheerful
And to think that
I could have regrets
But I don’t

And I won’t

Should I?

Cause it’s all been a shot
Just to stay with the program
And give it the old college try
Without too much scrutiny
Or much torment or fuss

Or analysis


For this is my life
And I only have one
As far as I know anyway
So no need for griping
When I only want peace

What else is there?


6 thoughts on “OLD COLLEGE TRY

  1. I wonder why it’s more difficult to be optimistic than it is cynical, at least for me. I have to focus on keeping positive, but negativity comes automatically. Your poem got me wondering about that. Perhaps I’ve been conditioned to negativity from all the bad news the media drives into our brains. Just thinking …

    Enjoyed the poem. πŸ™‚

    • Well there is an awful lot of crap as you know Lori. I’m thinkin lately most of it is not worth listening to. At least repetitively. Glad you’re “just thinking” and enjoyed. πŸ™‚

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