gloomy doomy
cynic mocker
party pooper
downer frowner
without hope
grimy slimy
in torment
yellow bellied
lily livered
fraidy cat
belly acher
what a brat
spoilsport killjoy
no love lost
when you just hate
and won’t abate
that ain’t so great
it’s getting late
you just can’t cope
you misanthrope.

Comic courtesy of thebadchemicals.com A new comic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!


3 thoughts on “MISANTHROPE

  1. My brother always says he hates people. He didn’t want to get married cause he hated people. Then he found someone who hates people too. Now they commiserate about hating people.

    • A shame. I’ve known too many. Whenever I feel like hurling insults (like in this poem) I generally pick on the haters! 🙂 Thanks for reading DiNardi!

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