Everything really is getting smaller. Last week I bought a half gallon of orange juice, you know, with pulp? Tropicana or whatever. Well it’s not the same half gallon it used to be. It’s smaller. And like four bucks! The same thing with my normal Folgers Coffee that I’ve been buying for years, you know, the one in the vacuum seal pack? There was a closeout sale on it today so I figured it was being phased out or something. What would you think closeout meant? When I got to the check out line I asked the cashier why they’d get rid of such a basic mainstay staple. He said they’re probably not getting rid of it, but most likely it’s on closeout because it’s getting new packaging.

Why? How much smaller will it get? How much more will it cost?

He laughed.

I guess everything costs more for everyone, including Tropicana. So I guess they’ll do what they have to do to stay competitive right? But the normal size box of DiGiornos pizza that I bought contained a noticably smaller pizza in it. Trying to stick it to me?

I got your number.

Gas went down last week (great!) then up this week (wahhh!). I guess we’re used to that. When it goes down that’s a stimulus right? I mean sure I have more money in my pocket I can spend elsewhere. I hate when it goes up though, never with any warning of course- it really cramps my style.

Always working to keep on the budget.

A sign of the times perhaps. But what are you gonna do, not drink coffee? Not fill up? Never eat pizza? I ration lots generally and try to stay above board best I can. But when I open the big bag of Tostitos scoops why is there only half a bag of actual chips in there?

With the rest being air?


8 thoughts on “CLOSEOUT

  1. AND over here they have made the chocolates in Cadburys Roses and those in Quality Street just that bit smaller, each one, only slightly so you wouldn’t notice but I did!!!!

    And the crisp thing! Well…!


  2. Pete – a litre of Tropicana over here is at least £3 in a lot of places – that must be close to the $6 mark… It’s bloody scandalous! Yes, things are getting smaller everywhere with the exception of on Man Vs Food. Hee hee hee! 😉

  3. Good observations Pete, and you’re right. Last week I opened up a large bag of my favorite chips and it contained two-thirds air. Not even dill pickle ripples are sacred anymore…

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