We must agree to disagree
Or just part ways cause nowadays
It’s polar views that do prevail
The world today we’re oh so stale

Our heels dug in and separated
A lot less love a lot more hated
By each other you and me
We disagree and still don’t see

That there’s the need to find the middle
Make some headway with this riddle
Talking points are not the way
The pundits andย the things they say

Do you believe it?
What you’re fed?
Is it TV
That fills your head?
You ever think
You’ve been misled?
By all the things
That have been said?

Think for yourself that is the way
Some logic here before you say
That I’m all wrong and you’re all right
We gotta heed and stop the fight

It’s just because of such confusion
Fills us up with much delusion
That the answer is collusion
Turn on each other in illusion

Must tolerate not hesitate
And recreate to seal our fate
Be practical and tactical
To move ahead and not berate

Do you believe
Just what you hear?
The blabber that’s
From far to near?
Is this what fills you
Up with fear?
And makes you clutch
What you hold dear?

The he said she said
Never ends
The they said we said
Never mends

Be ready to breathe in then out
Some compromise instead of shout
It’s only love the only way
So why not look at love today?



14 thoughts on “LOOK AT LOVE

  1. Oh my goodness I could feel this! Why is everything to do with love so complicated? Or should I say why do we make it so? That elusive middle ground!! Also there seems to be something inherent iin humans to feel the need to be right!! Oh there is so much in this poem! Wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

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