So it seems like things are back to normal lately. Well an odd sort of normal-because of the stink bugs I mean. They’re back. Where they’ve been I have no idea, but now they’re here keeping me company by hanging on the outside of the screens during the heat of the day and inside the house during the cool of the night.

I’ve learned to live with them.

A couple of summers ago we were “taken over” by them and everyone was trying to figure out how to get rid of them, and people were quite put-off by the whole thing. It had a whole “invasion of the locusts” feel to it and was quite the big news. Since that summer, I’ve learned they do no harm at all. I mean unless you smoosh them, which is when they stink up the place.

It’s not the most pleasant smell.

So they’re back. No one seems to be talking about it much though this go ’round. And I don’t mind them much at all now and really didn’t then either. I just go for peaceful coexistence. Sure, I had to just spit one out when I took a sip of my coffee. Luckily I spit it out before it got a chance to explode that stench inside my mouth, which is nice. It’s not much fun when they land on your head either, and you have to do a little spastic dance to find and flick it out the door.

The picking up and flicking them seems to work well, so why smoosh?

Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Apparently the cool weather has brought them out to do their thing, whatever that is. They serve zero purpose is what I’ve learned. Again I don’t mind as it seems that I personally and we collectively have much bigger fish to fry. So much is going on in the world that stink bugs are no longer the devil we thought they once were.

Our priorities have changed.

Yeh so the whole Libya and Egypt thing is another real drag. And now this morning add Yemen. Sad, sad, sad. And the worst part is our presidential nominee opening his big mouth again, in the most disrespectful and DUMB way. Why does he talk? It’s all bunk and hooey and gobbledygook coming out of his mouth and so disrespectful and does no good for anyone. Not even Laura Ingraham. Or his own party. Well except Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin so that says a lot. But his bizarro, neo-conservative, American exceptionalism jingoism is just laughable and transparent and so outdated. At least it seems that most of the rest of the world knows it too, so that’s comforting. There’s hope for us yet. But doesn’t old Mitt know how to muck up a scene? It’s so nice we’re inside of two months until the election.

Get him off the stage!

Well, ENOUGH of that right? But the whole tragic comedy effect has worn off which is a shame. And the whole super-duper polarization thing in general has gotten old. I’m sure you’re tired of it too- well gosh I hope you are. Now it’s all just truly embarrassing- but hey, I’m just a little man in this game right? I’ve carved out my own modest little niche in this world which seems to be working for me at the moment. It’s MY WORLD is how I see it and that suits just fine. MY WORLD. I can be crabby and curmudgeonly or cynical about things if I so choose, right? Of course it’s a harsh posture to take and certainly could be called cold, and absolutely is defensive- but how else can one survive in this world without standing tall in one’s own shoes?

It’s a matter of cultivating the right level of detachment. On that front some days are better than others.

So that’s it for now. Just me and my strong, strong coffee on a dark and foggy Sleepy Hollow-esque kind of morning, here with the stink bugs in my own little niche.

And you.

It’s 5AM here, do you know where your children are? Hey, do you remember that “campaign” from back in the 70s? It was all over TV and quite menacing at the time really.

How times have changed. Nowadays we always know where they are.



  1. What an excellent post in stink. As a swamp dweller, bugs are nearly a year round reality at my place, but I’ll think twice before complaining next time. At least mine aren’t stink bugs.

  2. With Leta, I’m considering “the right level of detachment” – (Probably my ‘conclusion’ might be ‘subject to question’). Interesting, tho, is more understanding about Who & What our President is, while reading A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mother.

  3. Not crazy about this one, Pete. 😦 Not a fan of our current President at all, and that’s all I’m saying about that. πŸ˜‰ Bugs, ack! In your coffee? Double ack!

    • I’m not a big fan of him either? But objectively I’m not a fan of the ridiculous, no matter who’s doing it!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading and yes ack! I just got home and walked through a swarm of stinkbugs hanging out all over the outside of my house haha

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