tell me about your hurt and pain
i can’t know you without
hearing you speak your truth.

tell me about your hopes and aspirations
i can’t know you without
envisioning what you envision.

tell me what brings you joy and what brings you sorrow
i can’t know you without
knowing that which you love and what sickens your heart.

tell me how you are today.

i need to know.

do tell.


4 thoughts on “DO TELL

  1. And, how I am ‘today’ may well be different from how I am tomorrow. Yet, how Wonderful to hear that someone cares, & wants to know. (Your 1st paragraph reminded me of one of my very favorite poems: Mary Oliver’s WILD GEESE – “…Tell me about despair, yours, &, I will tell you mine…”). Thank you, Pete, for so Beautifully expressing Feelings of Care.

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