The day that I told you not to come back
I snapped a picture of you in my mind
But it wasn’t of that day
It was of the first day
And the days and months after that
When things were easy and needed no explanation
When things were surely different

Remember that?

When I realized that you couldn’t stay
I imprinted you on my brain
It was the you that looked at me
With excitement and joy
And was eager to engage me
Without obstacles and insecurities
Without fear or hesitancy

What happened to that?

Now that you’ve been away for a while
I do picture you and am glad I knew you
Even though it didn’t work out
And it was painful as all hell
And it makes me cautious to love anyone else again
I am picturing you right now

Do you ever picture me?


9 thoughts on “PICTURE ME

  1. The ‘poignant’ feeling I had when I finished reading this poem was kinda changed to ‘amusement’ when I saw the puzzle-piece photographer…’Life is a riddle…You, I think, expressed ‘acceptance’ of that, as well as appreciation, longing(?), & wonderment.

  2. Hello Pete – I’ll bet you think I’ve stopped following you. I most certainly have not – just been super busy and down with a cold. Grr!

    I love how you break up the verses with the questions. Nice work. šŸ™‚

    • I figured that! I actually have been gone myself but am trying to make a “return” this week, so hope to be around more, reading blogs and writing/posting too.

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