sometimes i don’t care
but you proceed to tell me
without me asking

other times I’m just beat
and don’t have the wherewithal
to really listen

then you get mad

once in a while it
would be nice if you would ask me
how I am today

wow, I really don’t
remember a time when you
asked and wanted to know

I mean really know

that’s why it can get
a bit confusing and strange
how you keep talking

and are unaware
how it’s going in one ear
and out the other.


4 thoughts on “IN ONE EAR

  1. Heh, here I go again, Pete, with Everybody Loves Raymond. Your poem reminded me of a funny line from it. Debra says: “Do you know what I think?” Raymond says: “If I say ‘yes’, do you still have to tell me?” Heh. Anyway, I like this poem. I can relate. We hear them, but do they hear us? 😉

  2. I know I should be commenting on the poem – but it’s the picture, it’s freaking me out! Lol! I think it’s the bendiness of his finger coming out of the other ear…

    Very nice work, as always, Mr Armetta. 🙂

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