gimme that slice of life
a sweet, sweet story
some charming anecdote

tell me a recollection
of a brief, brief moment
that seemed just in passing

at the time

i wanna hear what you remember
and could never forget
that you may not have mentioned

feel free to reminisce
and just think back
to another place

and time

i’m hungry for a slice of life
some tall tale
any little ditty

got one?


15 thoughts on “SLICE OF LIFE

  1. Fabulous! This is the kind of thing I was talking about with your other piece — the one about the jumbled mind. This has that free-form, tumbling out of the mouth, kind of energy about it. I’m loving my daily shot of Pete!

    • Thanks boss! I’m waiting for your next blog post. It’s been a couple of days! I learned more about the new Director of Administration role than I would have otherwise haha

  2. “On the 29th of February, in the year I finally LEAPT for love, I walked up to a woman who I fell in love it without sight … Magic the instance of pure attraction.. unadulterated and simple.” She says as she takes off the Tiffany’s ring.

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