In my mind
My thoughts are stuck
In my mind
They’ve run amok
Good ones bad ones
Weird ones too
Lots of them
That just ain’t true
Sad ones I can
Cry for days
Happy ones can
Just amaze
Many funny
Ones no doubt
They crack me up
And make me shout
But not outloud
Of course you see
Cause in my mind
Is where they be
Such allure
Is the cure
The thoughts are coming
Gotta go
They’re in my mind
Is all I know.


13 thoughts on “IN MY MIND

  1. Oh how I’d love this to be, in form, as jumbled and disorganized as the thing you’re describing. But it’s in such measured verse. Maybe you want that juxtaposition — the orderly poem about the disorderly mind. I’m loving getting to know your work, Pete.

    • Oh jumbled and disorganized I can do haha I think being able to stoically observe what the disorderly mind is all about and have clarity and some measuredness about that is what’s most interesting. 🙂 It is what it is, right? Thanks for reading. I was in the Seuss-y mode this morning. And thanks for the kind words.

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