feet hurt from walking
heart hurts from feeling while my
brain hurts from thinking

and my face hurts too
that’s from the smile that’s frozen
there all the time now

that hides the hurt and
the pain from a life that goes
nowhere and that stays

off course and aimless
with each day being the same
and it seems that i’m

so overtired

it happens sometimes
does it happen to you too?
where you feel like crap

and want to give up?
then you get your day going
and talk to people

that you care about
and it makes you realize
that’s why we’re here, right?


9 thoughts on “WHY WE’RE HERE

  1. I like the journey from fatigue to being reinvigorated by your loved ones. The journey through the actual poem fits the last sentences very well because of that! Don’t know whether that was intentional or not, but it was a good read regardless.

    • It was somewhat deliberate, luckily, because without the ending this would have been way too depressing haha Plus it’s true. When we’re alone with our thoughts for too long often they can be the wrong thoughts, and it takes other people for us to see that it actually is all worth it.

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