Ginger said goodbye to her mother and hung up the phone simply exhausted. It seems no matter what I say, she doesn’t seem to understand that I’ve got my own problems. And she makes me feel so small, ya know? Always wanting to know every detail of what’s going on with me, blah blah sticking her nose in everything around here, complaining about Bobby and how I raise the kids. Does she think I’m sitting around all day eating Bonbons? Does she think I have an indefinite amount of time to sit and listen to her?

Things never change.

She was getting ready to run over to Katie’s and help get ready for tomorrow’s church potluck. She was always glad to get out of the house. She’ll never forget the years when the boys were still little and she was always stuck at home, day in and day out. Thank God she got involved in the church and all the volunteer work that goes with that. She’d be getting home late so yelled down the hall to Bobby that the pot roast was in the crock pot and he and the boys would have to fend for themselves.

Bobby yelled back, “Okay!”

Ginger got her keys, which she luckily put in the right place this time. She headed out the door and stopped at the big outdoor freezer and picked out a bag of meat. She got in her Subaru and made her way down the street.

Bobby walked into the kitchen and looked out the window and saw her back down the driveway. He went back to the “office” as they called it, although it’s really only where he kept his computer and his bunch of junk- the mancave. He could do whatever he wanted back here, and he did. He sat down at the computer and saw that he had an instant message. He replied:

Bigbobinla: She just left

Lonely4u2: So can we meet now?

Bobby wasn’t sure how to handle this, but knew that he needed satisfaction. Ginger was always so caught up in everything. That must be what turned her frigid, he figured. Should I just accept her never giving it up?

Bigbobinla: Yeh we can meet. Where?

Lonely4u2: You’re only a few minutes from me I can just come to your place.

Bigbobinla: You mean here?

Well Ginger said she’d be back late and knowing that Katie, they’ll be gabbing and carrying on all night. They say they’re cooking but he knows they squawk more than a gaggle of geese when they’re together.

Lonely4u2: Of course there.

Bigbobinla: Well yeh, but only for a little while.

Bobby went down to the narrow steps to the basement. He turned on the lights and looked around. This was where he had his famous Superbowl party every January, which usually coincided with his birthday, plus cookouts and gatherings all summer long. He had his big theater system and huge flat-screen TV and they opened up the sliding glass doors to the backyard when the weather was nice. When the whole family got together over here it was a blast. He grabbed a blanket and threw it on the couch, then jumped in the shower and quick got himself together.

When he redressed and went back upstairs, he looked out the window from the kitchen. She’d parked on the street and was walking up the path. Oh, sexy for sure, he thought. He opened the door and watched her walk up.

“So come in,” he smiled. He took her hand and they walked through the kitchen and down to the basement.

“Wow,” she said. “This is great,” looking around.

He stopped and turned to her and she pressed close and put her arm around his neck. He kissed her and she responded. They proceeded directly to the nasty and although he thought it was much better than when he and his wife were still happening, he didn’t go too long and he wasn’t sad when it was over. When they came to their senses, he felt like she was taking way too long to get dressed. He stood looking at her, then up at the big Coca-Cola clock on the wall, and started for the steps.

She trailed behind him with a smile on her face he didn’t see, and followed him back up to the kitchen. Bobby looked out the window and saw a car in the driveway. The door jiggled, and in walked Ginger’s mother.

The three stood in the kitchen looking dumbfounded at each other, before anyone opened their mouths.


8 thoughts on “OUT THE WINDOW

    • Wow thanks! I never read him but I know he’s an Oprah Book Club guy haha Well, that is really all I know about him- I’ll have to read him. Appreciate you sharing.

  1. Haha, cliffhanger!! Let me get this straight: Flash fiction = A scene. It can be anything from a conversation at the dinner table to the death scene of your protagonist? 🙂

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