No matter what I do or where I go
I’m giving the best that I can
No matter what I say or how I say it
I’m trying as hard as I should

I’m doing my best
And that’s not always good
Cause sometimes my best ain’t that great
But it still is my best
I can’t do anything more
I promise you’re getting
My best

No matter how things do work out
I’m putting the effort in here
No matter if you know or even care
There’s nothing much more I can do

Cause I’ve done my best
And that ain’t good enough
I really can’t do more ya see?
Have you done your best?
Can you say that you have?
Sincerely, what you got was
My best.


7 thoughts on “MY BEST

  1. Fine words, honest – what more could we want? Honesty from politicians? There goes that cow… and the pig with wings…

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