“What’s with you?  You’re so scatterbrained sometimes, your head’s in the clouds. You go on and on and say nothing and you know I have people to answer to! And now I have a pounding headache! Everyone was waiting for you tonight, did you consider that?  And they were all decked out in their Sunday best too.”

“Oh, click.” It was as if a lightbulb had turned on over his head. “That was tonight?”

“Yeh it was tonight. When did you think it was?”

“Oh, snap.” He took a long swig from his Colt 45. “Now I get it.”

“Uh no I don’t think you do,” shaking head. “if you got it you woulda showed up.”

“Dag, I bet that shit was tight, bet it was Gucci.  Was it tight? A real slap and sniff I bet.”

With a sigh and obvious exasperation, “Now you gotta get in touch with everyone, oh, and they have your presents.”

“Ah, fuck me, that’s why Mom was Shatner texting me, damn.” He pushed his chair out from the table, got up and picked up his keys, and looked at me dismissively.  “Nucka homie skillet, what I tell you? I don’t need their presents. I need their presence.”


2 thoughts on “HOMIE SKILLET

  1. This is strange how your last line suits my life right now. I have a “big” b-day coming up in the fall. My mom keeps asking me what I want, but I keep saying that I don’t want gifts. I’d rather people show up to visit me for once. Gifts mean nothing to me. I can buy what I want for myself. I like this saying … I don’t need their presents, I need their presence. Thanks, Pete.

    • Presence is always better than presents I think. 🙂 Yeh I have an issue with my “people” not coming to see me. I don’t even ask anymore! And the more time goes on the more I go see them whenever I feel like it haa I mean in the past I would go all the time.

      Thanks for reading nucka homie skillet! 🙂

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