For the sake of gentrification we’ll use public money to raze that block of eyesore businesses and put up a brand spanking new Marriott Hotel! We’re flush with cash now that we’re off the hook on those pesky pensions. The Marriott will bring in more tourists and clean things up and get rid of most of that shady element there on that block. A lot of people are scared to go there now. We’ll also get the added benefit of attracting other upscaley businesses. We’re going BUST here ya know, gotta increase our tax base here ya know.

Plus it’ll make things a little more pretty.

It’s a case of modernization and fulfills our continuous goal of getting more of the BIG money and big people here. BIG money is the modern way isn’t it?  Well put it this way: that riff-raff and those small businesses there can’t afford to be a part of who we are anymore. Everyone who’s there now can go somewhere else, wherever. We got big people knocking on our door.

Hide em in some back alley somewhere.

We’d prefer any type of corporatization over those local yokels anyway. We need people to feel welcome and safe and comfortable when they get off the freeway exit here. We wanna make sure those same, friendly and familiar establishments that are found all over the country are readily visible and available for them. Am I wrong?

Mom and Pop not welcome.

Homogenization, man.  Theme park is what we’re going for. Clean and tidy, predictable and comfortable.

Disneyfication. It’s the only way to go.

All in favor say “Aye.”


All opposed.


4 thoughts on “DISNEY

  1. I think what those big businesses fail to realize is in taking over these smaller neighborhoods and putting in such upscaley things…who is going to pay for them. The locals don’t have that kind of money, and are the upscaley people really going to leave their upscaley world to visit a recently upgraded low-scale neighborhood. Hmmm food for thought, and what’s going to be there when all the people leave?

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