Bellicose and
It’s so morose
I’m comatose
So adios
Don’t get too close
It’s overdose
Can’t diagnose

The history
Such blistery
It’s blustery
More drollery
And lunacy

Please be kind
And speak your mind
Be so inclined
And you may find
Some clarity
The chance to see
A peaceful world
For you and me.


7 thoughts on “PEACEFUL WORLD

  1. Celeste has ‘said it all’ in her response – I would add to last paragraph: (I really like your illustrating picture), &, “May It Be So” – MAY IT BE SO!!!

  2. I thought you Had to have written this as your (Great) response to Romney’s today’s VP announcement – However, (as usual!), ‘guess you were ‘ahead of the Game’ (Romney wouldn’t be talking at 4 o’clock in the morning)! ‘Tell you tomorrow what I did, (&, where I was when you called).

    Thanx for the call – I look forward to going to church with you, as well as Rappanock in Sept. Bev


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