I think we fall short on humility. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t say that with any degree of pride. Actually I say it with total unabashed down-on-my-knees-with-head-hanging-low humility.

See how that goes?

Nowadays so many seem so puffed up and assertive with needing to get stage time as they go about their day. You know what I mean, saying lots (and often loudly and without invitation) and being generally full of whatever it is that they’re full of and hawking. As my long-lost dead-as-a-doornail-brother-in-spirit Henry David Thoreau was purported to say, they “can’t see beyond their own low roof” or something to that effect.

I’ve always loved that phrase.

Anyway as I grow older I plan on cultivating a posture of humility and working as hard as I can on it too. Why not? I’ve got time for what’s important!  In ways it’s a noble task and not at all an easy posture to take. Humility is not necessarily the recommended way to live in this dog-eat-dog-eats-something world nor what seems like the natural “coping mechanism” in this life. And some may even think it’s a sign of weakness. But I’m all for the dharmic concept of “losing the self” and packing up my ego- just getting the hell out of my own way so I can see the sky beyond my own low roof.

But what do I know anyway?

And what do you know? We’re all in a position to question and wonder what purpose we serve and where it is that we’re going. Or not going for that matter. And we’ve all had our own unique experiences and lived our own lives and often carry around an awful lot but I say the hell with it! I’m letting it go. Getting down on my knees and getting naked with the thought that although my own personal sense of conviction is strong, it’s also often wrong. I really don’t know that much, and have so much more to learn and experience.

But I’ve also learned and experienced an awful lot.

If I knew everything to begin with, I’d be missing out!

What’s life if not to be lived?


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