I’m not a big fan of Hitler, but comparing Barack Obama to Hitler really is a bit of a stretch. I just heard an elected official on the news do it, and if you think about it, it doesn’t do Hitler justice.

In a manner of speaking.

And lots of folks believe it too. That’s what’s most confounding. People will believe anything it seems. Especially when they’re bombarded with so much chitty-chattin and jibber-jabberin and chin-waggin from every direction.

Bunch of smart alecks.

There’s just way too much hot air nowadays.


5 thoughts on “CHIN-WAGGIN’

  1. They make these comparisons to the best of them, and the worst of them. It was done to Bush too. I think they all need to be seen for what they are, narcissist, power hungry, control freaks. Nothing personal. 😉

    • Tell us EXACTLY how you feel! 🙂 No offense taken. Unfortunately it’s not only politicians, I think it’s ingrained in our culture now, how we operate. THAT’S a downer haha

      • You haven’t even gotten me started, yet, on how I feel. Heh. You’re right, we call each other names without getting to know the heart of anyone. It’s scary and it bums me out sometimes.

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