Where I live I rent an apartment in an apartment buildling and have a neighbor below me. Yeh I’m on the second floor which is cool, especially as you drive around the building and up a hill to park for my place, and go in the front door at street level.

Know what I mean?

I like it, it’s different. Anyway I have a “paved” front area which I call my YARD and then the whole side of the buildling where I park, I guess “legally” I share with that downstairs neighbor.

He’s hardly home.

When he is home, I never hear or see him. Nor him me. So being he’s hardly ever there and I am an awful lot, and I spend quite a bit of my time hanging out in our common area enjoying the nice view and space and doing my thing, I’m calling it:


Does that sound too bold?   Hey it’s not like I put up an italian fountain or something!

I’d never be so gauche.


5 thoughts on “DIBS!

  1. Hey, this looks and sounds like a cool place to live, Pete! I think that calling it ‘DIBS’ sounds like you’ve got your dibs on it? Does that make sense? Over here that means claiming it for yourself – I have first dibs on the communal area. 😉

    That’s cool and it is a good name. You should check out today’s cartoon, I dedicated it to you. 🙂 http://www.spinelesswonders.wordpress.com

  2. Dibs for sure! Nice place! And, hell with it….an italian fountain sounds nice…..and you could at some lattice and grow grapes to eat while you hang out there…lol

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