such gloom and doom
there’s just no room
for happy news
there’s too much blues

on the TV
most every day
we hear the things
the people say

about the rich
about the poor
about the things
we all abhor

we talk about
what serves us best
that bunch of asses
and the rest!

we say the way
it’s supposed to be
well that’s for them
not you or me

and what about
about the end?
the end of times?
as we know them?

must wait it out
it’s such a mess
can’t be denied
there is distress

the negative
it will subside
but not today
so run and hide

it’s helter-skelter
it’s topsy-turvy
do we care?

i’m on hiatus
it’s about
about the end
there is no doubt.


6 thoughts on “ABOUT THE END

  1. Kyle, many say that the end will arrive on Dec. 21, 2012, but actually, according to a Brooklyn astrologer, Zelda the Wise, it will occur the day after the election, rendering a win by either candidate a somewhat “so what” occasion. I hope this has addressed your concerns. Have a happy life. 😀

  2. Pete, very clever and quite a relief from the day-to-day. On a recent two-week break from the news (don’t ask – it was really ugly), I lucked up on (since I don’t believe in coincidence) the TEDTalks series. Whenever I need a change from sitting on the couch, watching MSNBC and screaming “lying mother****er” and the like at the TV, I watch one of the talks and feel much better. For however long it lasts, I’m going to enjoy life. 😀

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