It was pretty sad everything that happened with that Joker-guy. In Colorado I mean. It’s so funny how these things keep happening and there’s no groundswell of support whatsoever to do something about the easy availability of guns and ammunition in this country. There’s not. Like that politician who was flummoxed that someone in the audience at the theatre didn’t pull out his own semi-automatic weapon to wipe that guy off the face of the earth.

Yeh right, and eye for an eye, that’ll get us somewhere.

Crazy. In this case I totally plead Quakerism. I’ll have no part of it at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pro-hunting, so feel free to kill deer if you want. That’s your supposed constitutional right, right?  But I don’t think our founding fathers could ever foresee that the “right to bear arms” meant people could walk around with enough firepower to kill a person a second. It just makes no sense.

It’s great thought there’s talk of banning masks in movie theatres, isn’t it? Bunch of skullduggery if you ask me.

Not that you did. But anyway that was the big happening this week, and it’s not good. That and the poorly performing financial markets, what with Spain and Europe, and other gloom and doom stories about the potential for 50% unemployment and now the financial devastation of the 1% too. Makes a person want to crawl into a hole really!

I am in a hole.

So yeh that’s that. And this is this. And what is this anyway? I was heartened to read a story about Americans and their poor sleep habits. I was heartened only in that the story went into the whole “myth” of the eight-hour sleep, and how in the “olden” days (meaning before electricity) we would sleep as soon as it got dark (no lights) and wake up in the middle of the night for a few hours, then eventually go back to sleep again. I was only heartened as that’s pretty much how I roll, and it works for me.

We all occasionally need validation on some fronts, right?

Yeh so it’s 3:30AM on Wednesday morning. I got way too much sleep the last couple of days so I’m raring to go, somewhat. Of course I’m alone in this—even my cat is still sleeping—but I’m used to it. It’s only me and the tree frogs talking to each other outside. They never seem to stop their loud games up there! Up in the trees that is. It shows how “something” I am that I could spend what I consider quality time just listening to them. I’m used to my quirky sleep habits even though I do miss out on a lot- with other people I mean.  If someone asks me to meet up with them any time after four o’clock in the afternoon, there’s really no way.

Most of what I do gets done before noon.

And I’m fine with that. Again used to it. As they say “it is what it is” and I have no trouble letting it be without much consternation. I’m trying to cultivate that attitude generally, and I think I’m doing a pretty good job of it, even though other people often don’t seem to wanna let me. I mean other people feel the need to “find” issues or want to have endless discussions about things and drill into happenings that don’t interest me at all, and speculate on all kinds of outcomes and possible scenarios that to me don’t matter one iota. Because of what I consider my laid-back attitude I’ve been called “cold” and even “unreflective”. I don’t know, to me it’s a Zen thing really.

I just wanna be.

Why fret over what can’t be changed? Why create scenarios and spend time on what’s inconsequential?

Yes, rhetorical questions no doubt. And I don’t have time to get into it really.


4 thoughts on “WHAT IS THIS?

  1. Sometimes being awake in the middle of the night can make you feel like the only person in the world… man, that can be really lonely. At least you had those tree frogs for company! 😉
    I think you’ve just given me inspiration for my next Spineless Wonders cartoon – thanks for that! 🙂

    • I’m always up in the middle of the night haha Yeh, love the treefrogs! Too quiet in winter when they’re uh somewhere. 🙂 Oh Spineless Wonders, bring it on! Thanks for reading and have a great Wednesday.

  2. Great post Pete – I get some of my best ‘inspiration’ at two or three in the morning. The trick is switching on the light and writing it down!
    I totally agree with about the Colorado tragedy. Cows will jump over the moon before the easy availability of guns and ammunition is addressed. Ok, I’m English and I quiver with the mere thought of holding a gun, but we, I mean all of us, have to question what true freedom is.
    I agree, your constitutions is much better than ours (heck, we don’t even have one!) but for too long the whole world has been on a militaristic footing, all for the sake of our ‘freedom’. We really must begin to think out of the box on this one.
    And all the bad news, too. Being a ‘european’, I have to hold my hand up and say ‘we’ messed up with this euro thing, even though the UK is not in the euro. You can only have a single currency with a single state, one policy. That didn’t happen. There were rules put in place which were flagrantly ignored as soon as they were put in place. The euro disaster had been waiting to happen and now the politicians must keep it going, whatever the consequence.
    But now even the Germans are balking at the idea of bailing out Spain and Italy. Trouble is, the Germans are the only ones with any money, but their economy is stalling now. The Germans have to accept some responsibility in this. Their economy was the only one capable of sustaining the rules. They waved the rules, let people in countries in southern europe buy their great cars and other products… then the wheels fell off, leaving Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal…. in huge debt.
    I told someone last year, hoping it wouldn’t come true, that 2011 was the hors d’eouvres and 2012 would be the main course. Let’s hope not.

    • Yeh what’s with those Germans? 🙂 It’s interesting, I think we, meaning the rest, rode this artificial wave through the 90s and now are just “paying the piper” so to speak. I’m never a pessimist and hopefully the malaise will lift. Thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate your generous feedback.

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