have you ever seen
a better day
for staying in bed?
you’re allowed to of course
and it may do you good

raindrops are falling
in the early morning dawn
the sun plans on hiding they say
so why don’t you too?
do you really have to be anywhere?

or do anything?
it’s saturday morning
and the sound of the rain
hitting the roof
is just too inviting

for a day on the couch
clutching your blanket
relaxing and rejuvenating
and listening to the rain
i mean when was the last time
you did such a thing?


5 thoughts on “RAIN HITTING THE ROOF

  1. Very nicely done! I see you’re getting the rain now – over here it’s done nothing else since April! Still, the jet stream is allegedly moving north now, so here’s hoping.

    • Yeh it’s about time we get it. It’ll be back up to 100 soon enough though. Yeh y’all really need some sunshine, especially with the olympics! I read a cute poem the other day about buying a new “brolly” that was nice. 🙂 I wish I remember who wrote it though ahha

  2. Well I’m more in to hot seasons, I only love a rainy night once in a while where I can dance till the beat stops, just un-watched for everybody’s hidden indoors..
    Love & Light

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