Living with lofty ideals
Has its pitfalls
Only because it takes a lot
Of stamina
And perseverance
And sweating blood
And crawling over broken glass

Some of the time.

Cause those lofty ideals
Aren’t practiced everywhere
Or by everyone
Many don’t even care
Or hold it in esteem
Like they used to

In the olden days.

Not that it’s noble
At all
That’s not the point and doesn’t matter
It doesn’t cost money
Only a personal investment
Of time
And effort

With some humility.

The rewards and the roadblocks
Like when you finally get tired
Of winning then losing
And taking a stand
For what you believe in
When you’re so beaten down
From challenging yourself
To be true and be genuine
And be strong in your conviction
With a sense of decorum

Much to the chagrin

Of the many people whose paths you cross
And see in your day-to-day
And your by-and-by too
People who have no clue
Of how hard you’re aspiring
And how hard you’re trying
To simply be
A better person.


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