this is delicious
do you have some Worcestershire?
it’ll taste better

not that it’s not good
exactly the way it is
but it’s screaming out

and sitting naked
do you have some Worcestershire?
just a dab will do

who knows for certain
exactly what it is or
where it came from cause

it was a secret
Lea & Perrins didn’t say
but now they list them

the ingredients
are on the bottle that comes
wrapped in that paper

i think from england

you know what i mean
i wish we had Worchestershire
or could pronounce it

or spell it


4 thoughts on “WORCESTERSHIRE

  1. Lol! You know I actually live in Worcestershire itself, in the very town where the factory is… Fabulous stuff. Pronounced “Woorster-shire – kinda – that’s not so hard eh? 😉
    Glad you’re enjoying our sauce. Nice on a bit of cheese on toast… But then I think we’ve had that conversation before!

    • Oh it’s a town? Yeh that makes sense. 🙂 We have Worcester Massachusetts that’s pronounceds WOOSTER. Yeh I can see how you say it I think that’s how we say it too, I mean the sauce haha Yes worcestershire sauce on cheese on toast works! 🙂

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