It’s so hot that
After eleven in the morning, the day is pretty much done,
If you’re not locked inside in the air conditioning.

In the dark.

It’s so hot that
Big fat men are walking around shirtless,
With it all hanging out, and you can’t not look.

And wanna hurl.

It’s so hot that
I sprayed my sandals with lysol, cause after walking around in them
All day, I could smell the rank from five feet ten-inches up.

Don’t knock lysol, it kills.

It’s so hot that
I cut out the inside of my swim trunks, in order to have some semblance of cool
Cause I can’t have my boys festering down there in that mesh oven.

Gotta hang loose.

It’s so hot that
I put my car visor down while driving into the dreaded, early evening devil sun,
And I know the sun was trying to burn right through it.

That sun’s mad!

It’s so hot that
I just got out of the shower and by the time I put deodorant on,
My armpits were running like Niagara Falls.

It’s too damn hot!


4 thoughts on “MESH OVEN

  1. It’s so hot that people tend to share TMI about how hot it is. Hee, hee. Just teasing ya, Pete. This made me laugh, and trust me, living in FL, I can definitely relate. I thought I heard you might be getting some relief soon. Hang in there.

    • And it’s all true! hah thanks for reading Beverly and Lori. Good think y’all don’t need to deal with the mesh oven. At least not in the same way haha

      • Well, I have a/c, but I certainly do have to deal with the mesh oven when outdoors. This stuff in FL lasts 4 to 6 months with no breaks in between. Bleh! May cool breezes find their way to you soon.

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