I just had a disturbing phone call with a girl that I know
Well I don’t really know her anymore
She’s not a part of my life anymore

I spoke nicely and sweetly and with joy to her
I was happy to just hear her voice
She always had the most melodic voice
Like syrupy elixir to my senses

After I completed each sentence she paused
Replied with a formality?
With a distance and detachment?

How did it come to this?
Why did I lose her and now I’m alone?
I’ve such pain in my heart and I wish things were different

Why do we lose people in this life?
Or is it just me?

So we had a conversation and at the end
When I pressed her for more

I woke up.


11 thoughts on “JUST A DREAM

  1. I had strange dreams this morning too… It’s weird how you have a connection with a person and then something can happen to just take it away completely. 😦

  2. Yes, I know what you mean. Great words here, quite true, apart from family (sometimes them too), ‘friends’ continually slip through my fingers too. Must be me!

    • Thanks Dave! And nice picture of yourself there by the way. Yes it’s odd how things turn out and YES it must be me! haha Just have to accept it and keep forging ahead I guess. 🙂

  3. The ending! Woaah! I really felt like it was the perfect metaphor, intentionally or not. Blasts from the past can be tricky, and I really liked the “When I pressed her for more, I woke up” ending since it felt like.. When you press an ex (for example) for more than just the shallow spark that ignites under the influence, it is almost like waking up from a dream when you realize that they aren’t, or weren’t, the ones.

  4. Oh dear, that comment was a mess: What I basically meant was that the poem reminded me of how it feels like waking up out of a bad dream when you are in a relationship with the wrong person.

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