Anything I can do
To help you I will
But I really can’t do much
Unless you want me to

Then I’ll do all that I can

See, you’re not alone
Although you may think so
And God is not out to get you
Although you say that he is

In so many words

I can only be trite
And say this too shall pass

But here in the meantime
I’ll do whatever you need
And can listen for hours
Or not

See, I picked these for you
From the side of the road
You may want to get them in water
They won’t last too long

It’s Queen Anne’s Lace
Although some say Wild Carrot
And I know they’re not store-bought
And weren’t sent FTD

And that most call them weeds
But do they look like weeds?
Is it because they grow wild and grow free?
And you don’t have to buy them?

You can’t buy them.

See, they’re straight from the earth
And of this place and time
And later when it’s cold
And things are frozen and barren

They’ll just be a memory
Dormant and hidden
Then will rise up again
In all of their splendor.

Like you will.


6 thoughts on “QUEEN ANNE’S LACE

  1. Poignant & provocative – (Ya know, just this morning, by 123 SW 4th St, I stopped to ponder some Queen Anne’s Lace; it reminded me that, in 1929, it was my mother-in-law’s bridal bouquet).

    • Well I’m glad not many pay attention to it as it’s just growing wild everywhere. But to me it really is one of the most beautiful flowers, in all its stages, and as a bouquet I think is totally awesome! 🙂

  2. I think you can eat Queen Anne’s Lace, but I’m not sure of it. I have friends who travelled in Croatia and Slovenia and they told me that there, they put the flowers in batter and fry them into little donuts. Could be the wrong flower, but it looks the same and grows along the side of the road. Just for your information. 🙂 Lovely poem. Your friend is lucky to have you.


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