two thirty-three a.m.
and the stillness was broken
the loud clicking
of the battery-operated
in the house
were suddenly
in the background again
instead of the
dominant presence

first it was the ceiling fans
whirring back up
shaking things up
then the refrigerator
hummed into life
permeating the space
not only my space
but the one beside me
and below me too
the world was populated
with way more refrigerators
than one could imagine

many per square mile anyway

and the air conditioning
the  neighbor’s I mean
spit and coughed and began
its job again
it’s been working real hard too
i’m sure it enjoyed the rest

you would

no lights went on
i don’t use them much anyway
but a peek out the window
showed houses with
porch lights
and kitchen lights
and living room lights on too

and nobody in sight

do people just sleep through this sort of thing?



  1. Ha! I bought a really cool analogue alarm clock last year. (I actually pre-ordered it because I was excited) but I have issues with time. I feel that we are slaves to the clock and I have rebelled by not having too many clocks around… that all changed when this funky little number arrived. I put it on my bedside table and the constant tick-tocking was driving me crazy! I eventually put it in my underwear drawer, smothered it with socks and pants… what a waste of money! Okay, long story short, this poem resonates with me! 🙂

  2. We’re still without power… (at home), but thankful to have power here at my parents’ home. [Though I’m not at all sure they’re happy about the uninvited guests for several days in a row]
    I have been realizing how much I take electricity for granted…

  3. And, then there are persons who sleep thru storms, as tho nothing had happened – That’s I – Guess my hearing loss, (as well as living in an apt. bldg. with generator), can be an advantage.
    I like, however, the manner in which you express your experience with power outage.

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