I’m sitting here drinking a latte. What’s funny about that is I’m not really a latte person. Very occasionally. I got it just now here at Starbucks on top of the mountain because we lost power overnight in what seemed to be really a wind and thunder and lightning event. Strange in that there wasn’t much rain involved.

But waking up with no power is an old trick for me. It’s really not that big of a deal. I have battery-operated lanterns and candles etc, but the big problem with such a scenario is having to drag my ass OUT of the house to get coffee. Well, and internet access. And the not having running water.

So I cleaned up outside a bit- plants in pots had toppled over and all sorts of debris (leaves, branches and stuff) were all over the place. I gave my cat a little outside prowling time, and then set out with my dirty face up here to Startbucks.

And got a latte.

Yeh I don’t drink lattes. I ordered a small coffee. They always know what I mean even though I don’t think Startbucks has a “small” designated size, but no matter, They give me the smallest. And it’s cheap enough, like a dollar seventy-three.

I ordered my coffee then walked outside and found a table, and set up my laptop. I then returned to the “pick-up” area and the barista mumbled something while handing me the coffee, to which I replied, “Thank you.” I proceeded to the “condiments” area, and opened the lid to FOAM. Okay, this is not a small black coffee.

I put in some aspartame and swirled it around, trying to determine what it was exactly. Something else. I just came outside here to my table and got my internet going, connecting through their corporate Wi-Fi ya know, and am actually enjoying this drink. The sun’s now made it’s way over the mountain line and it’ll soon enough be up over one-hundred degrees again.

Hot as hell.

So good to just sit here having a cool time of it, for now. The latte almost makes it a special occasion.


10 thoughts on “LATTE

  1. I just heard about this on the news. Guess I’m a little behind. Glad you and the kitty are okay. Hope the electricity is back on. I can’t take the heat. Don’t know as I’d make it without the a/c.

    • Yeh no A/C or water really isn’t a good thing. The power returned overnight luckily and it was awfully good to take a shower in this 100 degree plus heat (I could use another one ahah) Thanks and hope you’re doing well down there.

  2. Yeah, I agree with the sentiment – a good latte, coffee…. turns an ordinary occasion into a special one. Thanks for the tip, as others have said – I’m gonna make one!

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