I think I’m gonna start smoking inside again. I mean inside the house—not like a chimney mind you, twenty-four hours a day—and certainly not in bed or anything like that. And not with ashtrays full of stinky cigarette butts strewn about the house either. Currently I’m in the habit of going outside every so often for a smoke, which has its strong points—we don’t need to smoke up the place—and it’s just good to get outside generally.

Having to go outside means I don’t chain smoke.

But I am a writer if you weren’t aware, even though I don’t talk or write about that much. My feelings about writers who talk about writing and other writers is definite fodder for an endless ramble from me on how tremendously gauche that really is. Okay. That’s not nice of me. But diplomatically expressed no? Probably not. But anyway, when writing one gets in an otherworldly zone where you’re sitting and making things happen. Like right now. I’m perfectly content. It’s a right-brain, fuzzy, kind of pure escapist thing. Freud would have a field day no doubt. Generally, it would be much more practical to have a cigarette here burning.

Hold up, be right back.

I had to go outside and burn one.

We like this time of day, right before sunrise. I mean me and my cat Surly that is. He’s new here (well so am I). And being that we’re up at this time of day, before anyone else is, means Surly can hang outside without any potential “danger”, and the neighborhood is dark and still. Not that I can read his mind but this is how it’s been going, so the evidence says that it works for him. Being that he stays up through most of the night, sitting at the open window looking outside at whatever, he seems eager to be out right away when my feet hit the ground.

So he’s out there prowling now, and in the back of my mind I’m prepared to jump out of my skin at cat shrieks.

I’m sure I will one of these days soon. Surly’s never been one to shy away from totally intimidating any other living thing he encounters out there, or getting in a tussle with SOMETHING. Hence his name. Although with people he’s a total lover. Go figure. I’ve always encouraged his assertive behavior outside. To me that’s what a cat’s supposed to be and supposed to do- kick other cats’ asses. I don’t think it’s natural for any living thing to just sit around eating, defecating, and regurgitating their lives away.

Just saying. Well I’m not really saying much! It’s Friday, which is great. I got a lot accomplished this week. I’m speaking logistically and practically- and that always feels good. You know, like Backman-Turner-Overdrive says, “Takin’ Care of Business (everyday)”. But as I sit here I realize I didn’t make much fun for myself. I’m gonna have to change that, like pronto.

I went to the DMV yesterday. That’s the place to go when you have car thingies to take care of. When I go I feel like I’m going to visit the “government”, and being I’ve lived off the grid for the last year it was an interesting experience in general. Among other things, I gave them my new address. This gave me the feeling of being back on the grid for sure, and it’s bittersweet. Now that the government knows my address that means I’m back on the radar.

Incognito was really good.

But I did it. And do have to say, for a visit to the government it was quite the pleasant experience all around. I even changed my voter registration so I can vote here in my own precinct, for November ya know. I’d vote today if I could, it’s not like I’m gonna change my mind about who I’m gonna vote for. But the DMV. One often has the worst-case scenario about the whole experience: long lines, frustrated workers, and a general discomfort. But there was nobody there. And the lady at the desk was a real pistol. She was charming and laughing and really the kind of person who SHOULD be in a service job. Some think that’s a trivial thing, but I don’t at all- I always enjoy having to interface with people who so obviously enjoy people and enjoy what they’re doing. It cheers the heart. So it winds up I didn’t even have time to sit and fill out the required paperwork before they called my number. The worker that helped me, another one, wasn’t in much of a good mood. I’m not saying because she didn’t respond at all to me as a person (which I don’t take personally one bit), but because she didn’t laugh at any of my jokes. Plus she was particularly unenthusiastic about the fact that I had a couple of standard questions about what I was doing and what I was paying for (and what the government knew about me). And she was breathing heavy, straining or something.

But no matter, she got the job done.

So yeh fun. Time to prioritize fun. I’m not sure when or if that’ll happen as over the next week there are still tasks that need to be done. But I’ve never been much for getting in that groove where you feel you have too much takin’ care of business (everyday) that you forget about the business of living.

That’s unusual for me.

I think I’m gonna stick it in there soon. Some fun I mean. But first I gotta spell check this, and the spell check is so going to despise and lecture me on fragments, passive voice, poor punctuation, and tell me to “consider revising” certain endless sentences. I wish I could tell it I did it on purpose. But I’ll get to the fun. I’m really good at having fun by myself, but sometimes that does get old. But being I’m having a slight fun-deficit at the moment, that may be my best and only option.


21 thoughts on “STICK IT IN

  1. Hehehe! This made me chuckle… Especially the part about smoking. I love your writing! I may have to abduct you someday…

  2. Welcome back to the grid. Surprised and pleased to read about your pleasant experience at the DMV, although I would’ve laughed at your jokes if it were me. Just sayin’. Incognito sounds more fun though. 😉

    • Thanks. I guess incognito is really great for awhile, especially when you never have been. 🙂 Back to business here haha I’m sure you would laugh at my jokes, I mean mainly cause I think they’re funny! Appreciate you reading and yes the DMV was pleasant enough. Hopefully I won’t be in there again for a few years!

      • It is totally underrated! There’s so much you can do with it… I’m currently waiting to hear back from an editor about a flash all about smoking… I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

      • Good luck! Which pub? I’d love to see it. And I know a few good publishers who would probably love your stuff too. Just sayin’. 🙂 Of course they’re always better publications when they accept your work! haha

      • Oh you charmer, Pete. 😉 I sent it to an online Pub called Literary Tonic. But that was at the start of May so I might get a rejection sometime soon. If so, I’ll lob it back out of the ball park! 😉

        Have actually got a story called ‘Locked Out’ (non-smoking related) going online here today:
        It’s not up yet, but it’s a really cool project and you should totally get involved in it. If you want to write for them, you contact the editor and they send you a visual prompt and you take it from there. 🙂

  3. I am gnawing away at my nicotine candy (no more sticky patch for me!) remembering how much I used to love to go out for a smoke, or just finding the most opportune moment to duck out and light up… and then seize that moment, victorious! Great post Pete!

    Nictotine-stained Bisous,

    • Oh you’re good haha I mean the fact that you’ve stopped, CONGRATS! Oh, and I’m not smoking inside haha I doubt if that’ll ever happen really. 🙂

  4. Did you ‘say’ something about your “right-brain writing”? I definitely respond to what you have to say with my ‘right-brain’ – (usually, that is, less if it’s Amish in Oklahoma!)

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