Is not the same as empathy
It can’t be bought
Or just acquired
Like you buy a gallon of milk.

Or juice.

Isn’t much like sympathy
It can’t be learned
Or forced or fed
Like you feed your dog or cat.

Or fish.

Time goes on
And life intrudes
On peace and joy
And happiness
The boat gets rocked
With pain and strife
And calls for generosity.

And tolerance
And patience too
A bit of understanding?
It can’t be bought
Or forced or fed
If it’s not there
To begin with.


6 thoughts on “UNDERSTANDING

  1. Yeah, however, with more Life Experience, I’d hope more “Understanding” Might be acquired, (at least for some persons) – Your writing, tho, does ‘make me think’!

    • Well I hope it can, but doesn’t seem like it is too much, or seems like folks don’t often take the time and effort or have interest. Just my take. 🙂

    • Really like this, Pete – particularly the single lines. I don’t have a suggestion, but it would be kind of cool if you could do one more for in between the last two stanzas. 🙂

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