depression is not
something to just get over
it gets a grip and

it takes control and
hurts like hell in every way
mind body and soul

it’s clinical and
so very real and often
feels like it will stay

but it goes away
and then makes you wonder why
it came anyway.


19 thoughts on “DEPRESSION

  1. Once I received this ‘advice'(?!): “Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps” – ‘Yeah, Right’ (sarcasm intended) – Yet, now, (years later & miles away), I know this person meant to be helpful – He was ignorant of the experience, (nor would I want to wish it upon him for ‘understanding’)

  2. obviously you know what you are talking about – only those of us who have experienced it know the truth in your words. Way to speak out about it!

  3. I have read, reread, reread, reread your sparse yet wise words…

    and think to myself a revised never-ending:

    but it goes away / and gives ammunition to those few / who question: Really? Why?


    but it goes away / and makes me question why / can’t others believe me

    [or at least this has been my experience]


    • Oh that’s a very nice interpretation of an ending for yourself. I guess it’s nice to able to revise it in your own mind to suit you, right? Thanks for reading!

  4. i really like this. you take a subject that could fill volumes of books and strip all the bullshit away to tell what it absolutely is. it’s as if you have given just a glimpse of the basics and invited those who know nothing about it to explore just how horrible it can be when it ‘takes control.’

    • Thanks buddy, yeh lots of buillshit surrounding it no doubt. And it is a pretty bad case no doubt. Thanks for reading, I appreciate you taking the time.

  5. Love the enjambment… it kind of highlights to me just how disjointed the complexities of emotions and depression can be. (Can you tell that this is STILL me trying to catch up on all of my blog reading? Expect more comments!) 🙂

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