What happened to your mood?
I mean the bright one I’ve known
Since the day that we met?
Was it something I said
That you flipped on the dime?
Was it something I did
That all of a sudden
Without any warning
You’re bearing the weight of the world?

We used to be light
It was effortless and easy
To feel good and feel right
Now you’ve soured
Or something
And are suffering
I see
When I ask you deny it
You hem and you haw
But I see that you’re hiding
And the jury’s still out
I don’t want to presume
That your mood
Has gone sour
Because of something I did
Or something I said

Or did it?

You’re bearing the weight of the world
But the world will go on
No matter what you do
Believe me it’s true
It has since forever
Without any help from anyone
So feel free to be forthright
I can take it for sure
I’ve put on my big-boy pants
And will live only in truth
And don’t want you suffering

Or me.

Copyright © AJ Carrington


3 thoughts on “WEIGHT OF THE WORLD

  1. I feel her… Not “for’ her, but her. The first stanza, there’s something about the way that it reads that was mesmerizing. and weighted. I love the end. “or me”

    • Yeh I feel her too I know what you mean. I’m glad you enjoyed and appreciate you taking your time to read. Relationships are such a challenge to navigate, especially when folks are stuck inside themselves and don’t trust enough to communication clearly and honestly (which I’ve experienced WAY too much). Thanks for the comment!

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