You’re damned if you do
And damned if you don’t
One day you try hard
The next day you won’t

Get up from the sofa
Your ambition is gone
Won’t take any action
Or even have fun

One day you have impact
Is it all just in vain?
You spread lots of sunshine
With no chance of rain

You’re damned if you don’t
If you do you may see
That it’s best to do something
Than to just let things be.


6 thoughts on “DAMNED IF YOU DO

    • I’m glad KJ, thanks for reading. I think we try really hard and bang our heads against the wall and think it’s not worth it. But better than just crawling in a hole really. We can’t move ahead if we lose our will to make a difference. For ourselves and others. Glad this little ditty did something for you and thanks again.

      Make it happen bud!

  1. Nice one Pete and I think I agree, better to do something, although doing nothing is highly underrated in my opinion. Just to sit and stare like a monkey in zoo has its benefits, I’m sure. But we’re human and we have to do something, anything, until we find Eden again. 🙂

    • What’s that expression? “sometimes the only winning move is not to play?” Yeh that. Not worth it sometimes and yes monkey in the zoo is the best choice some time. But generally we have to try and have the right expectations I guess. Thanks for reading bud.

  2. Perfect little piece for me to read as I try to adjust to having an entire summer of 🙂 Also, I share the sentiment! Make the most out of every day, it might be your last you know

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