Dear God
Why are we the way we are?
One day filled with hope for the future
The next day ready to throw in the towel
Tell me God, why?

I wanna know.

I’ve asked you so many times
And on some days I believe you’ve answered me
On others it’s a pin drop situation
Is there a reason you can’t tell me why?

I need to know.

I’ve stuck by your side
Through thick and through thin
I’ve prospered then suffered
Then bounced back again
All along I’ve had faith
That you know what you’re doing
I stumble and fall and I reach out
And ask

Why are we the way we are?

I don’t take it personally
I’m sure you’re quite busy
I don’t mean to disturb you
With such simple questions
I know you’re preoccupied
With things that are bigger
Am I wrong in just wanting
And needing to know?
Tell me why do you do
These things that you do
And leave me alone
In the desert?

Will you ever just tell me why?

I have to know.


9 thoughts on “TELL ME WHY

  1. Yes, very well put and written, says it all really. I sometimes think that we are brought up with too much expectation, that economic growth is normal, that everything will be alright in the end. History, even that theme park history which is partly lies, shows that, sooner or later it all comes crashing down. Nice positive thoughts for Monday…

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