I moved into my new place with very little furniture. A little bit over a year ago I was in a situation, and not a very desirable one, where I had to sell off or give most of my stuff away-all my furniture-except for my bed.

I love my bed.

Soon afterward I picked up a wonderfully cheesy 1950s Samsonite card table with four chairs. I lent two of the chairs to a friend (which is cool) so still have this little set with two chairs. It works fine as a temporary “desk”, but it hasn’t worked for spending long periods of time on the computer working. Sitting in the Samsonite chair for so long has really been hurting my ass! And cramping my style. So in recouping my “stuff”, an office chair has been near the top of my list of things I need. Well, want.

I could live with the hurt ass if I had to.

I’ve looked in the usual places at chairs, but none have been cheap or simple enough. You know how nowadays everything has to be extra fancy or whatever. And nowadays it seems everything is built to break after a period of time, you know, so you have to buy a new one. Well even though a chair (and a desk) have been a priority, I was resigned for my ass to hurt indefinitely.

Until today.

I went to our local Goodwill store, as I also need (well, want) a small, basic and cheap kitchen clock for the wall. You know, the generic kind that costs like a dollar? Well they didn’t have that, but I had the delight of happening upon what could be considered the ugliest chair in the world. And the oldest.

They were asking two ninety-five for it.

I looked at it. Oh yes, ugly. But don’t I need to have comfortable office space? I sat in it. Perfect. Low to the ground how I like it, and at least adjustable, being that I will have a desk one of these days soon to adjust it to.

I’m gonna live with it. I’m sitting in it right now and diggin’ it.

Who can argue with two ninety-five?


6 thoughts on “TWO NINETY-FIVE

    • Paula – that’s hysterical!!! 🙂 You should see my chair, Christopher (that’s right, I named him) he cost me a tenner out of our local charity shop. 🙂 He’s definitely seen some action!

      3 bucks? Pete, that is fabulous!

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